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Dr. Elgabry brings a strong and diverse 20+ years of Professional Structural Engineering experience acquired through the following Major Capital Projects:

Dr. Elgabry as a Sole Practitioner at Elgabry Engineering Inc. contributed in 2019-2022 to the following two Major Bridge Projects:

Houston Ship Channel Bridge, Texas, USA - Apr 2021 to Jun 2022.

The main bridge is 829 m (2720 ft.) long cable-stayed bridge with main span 402 m (1320 ft.). 

As part of the structural engineering services defined in the sub-consulting agreement between Elgabry Engineering Inc. and COWI North America Inc., Dr. Elgabry served as a sub-consultant for the final design of the main bridge superstructure (Option 1 - post tensioned precast segmental concrete deck) and the initial design of the main bridge substructure (Option 2 - composite steel deck).

Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project, BC, Canada - Mar 2019 to Nov 2019 (Bid Phase).

As part of the professional services defined in the independent consultant agreement between Elgabry Engineering Inc. and HATCH Corporation, Dr. Elgabry served as a sub-consultant for the bid phase design of the north approach exit ramp structure and the main bridge north onshore substructure (pier and abutment).

Dr. Elgabry contributed to the following Major Projects while working at Buckland & Taylor - COWI (from Jul 1995 to Apr 2014) and Monenco AGRA Inc. (from Dec 1993 to Jun 1995):

St. Croix River Crossing, Minnesota, USA – Jul 2012 to Apr 2014. 

The main bridge is 1024 m (3360 ft.) long multi-span Extradosed Bridge with four main spans 183 m (600 ft.) each. The extradosed superstructure combines post tensioned precast segmental concrete twin box girders 5.5 m (18 ft.) deep and relatively low angle stay cables. The deck twin box girders are integral with the bridge piers. Key responsibilities included Team Leader for the extradosed precast segmental deck longitudinal and transverse design. The deck longitudinal design included the completed bridge (final stage), staged balanced cantilever erection analysis (construction stage), and full post tensioning layout & details. The deck transverse design included a 3D local Finite Element model (SOFiSTiK) to carry on the analysis of the precast twin boxes including the transverse post tensioned strut connecting the boxes at stay cable locations. The duties included reviewing the design criteria, load rating of the extradosed deck, and conducting redundancy analysis.

Shaikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi, UAE – Dec 2003 to Oct 2010. 

The bridge is the new gateway to Abu Dhabi Island with three twin steel arches resembling the desert sand dunes. The overall length of the main bridge is 842 m (2762 ft.), divided into 11 spans ranging from 60 m (197 ft.) to 140 m (459 ft.). The bridge deck has two cast-in-situ post tensioned concrete cellular box carriageways each 24 m (79 ft.) wide with large transverse cross beams linking them. The deck is supported by post tensioned concrete piers and the three twin steel arches. While working for the Contractor's Erection Engineer, key responsibilities included Team Leader for the independent concrete design review of piles, pile caps, piers, box girders, and cross beams for the completed bridge (final stage) and during the staged erection (construction stage). The duties included providing detailed post tensioning sequence for the piers, deck box girders, and cross beams.

Harilaos Trikoupis (Rion-Antirion) Bridge, Greece – Jul 1999 to Aug 2004. 

The main bridge is 2,252 m (7388 ft.) long multi-span cable-stayed bridge, with three main spans 560 m (1837 ft.) each, in a high seismicity region in Greece. The four concrete pier bases are 90 m (295 ft.) diameter cellular caissons resting on seabed. The top 20 m (66 ft.) of soils is reinforced with innovative inclusions. Pier bases were built in dry-docks and then floated into position and sunk in about 50 m (164 ft.) deep water to support the four-legged pylons. Member of the Independent Design Review Team that reviewed design criteria, seismic loadings, and concrete design of main bridge footings, piers, and pylons including pylon seismic hinge zones. The Review included concrete design of 985 m (3231 ft.) long seismically isolated south approach substructure with 30 - 62 m (98 - 203 ft.) spans.

Confederation Bridge, PEI-NB, Canada – Mar 2005 to Apr 2014 (Operation Phase). 

The Confederation Bridge is a 13 km (8 miles) long post tensioned precast concrete crossing linking Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick. Main bridge has 43 spans 250 m (820 ft.) each. During the Operation Phase of the bridge, filled the roles of the Independent Engineer’s Project Manager and Project Director. The Independent Engineer is responsible for administration of the Concession Contract, reviewing the maintenance and operation of the Facility, reviewing all changes to the bridge, inspecting the bridge at least once annually, reviewing annual vessel collision risk assessment, reviewing the strait seabed scour monitoring program, and reporting on the condition of the bridge to the Developer, Public Works & Government Services Canada, and Transport Canada.

Hibernia Offshore Project, St. John's, NL, Canada – Dec 1993 to Jun 1995. 

The massive concrete Gravity Base Structure (GBS) of the Hibernia Offshore Oil Project is in approximately 80 m (262 ft.) deep water; its caisson has a diameter of 106 m (348 ft.) and a height of 85 m (279 ft.). As a Member of the GBS Design Team, provided design for the post tensioned 80 m (262 ft.) high utility shaft and roof beams. The duties included providing details to account for slip-form construction.

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